Amicita Cavus Mission

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Amicita Cavus Mission

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:47 am

Amicita Cavus is a raiding guild on the Norgannon Server. Our Goal is to kill raid bosses and have some fun doing it in a low stress environment.

As members of AC, we will do our best to do our jobs as well as possible and to help other guilmembers succeed. This means Showing up to raids on time, repaired, with all needed matts, and having a good understanding on what you your job is on the boss fights we will/should be doing that evening. It also means helping each other get better trough crafting, spell rotations, character set up Etc. Now, there are better and worse ways of doing this and during an unsuccessful raid is probably not the best time to offer "help".  Again, Adults. We should be able to not only accept constructive criticisms but know when its the appropriate time to offer them.

We are "mostly" all adults here and enjoy an "adult" environment. That being said, adults tend to have families (young children, wives, Etc.). We need to remember that when typing in G chat or talking in Vent.  Some other "adult" issues we have are those pesky things called jobs, school, houses, animals, and other commitments that keep us from being as prepared as we might like. That is all understandable, but please also understand that your lack off preparation, lateness, or not showing up at all affects everyone. There have been nights we have sat around for 45 min waiting for people we thought were going to be raiding. Be courteous, post in game or text a friend who is in the guild and let them know you are running late or wont be there.

Bottom line is this, we are here to have fun. I don't know anyone who would rather wipe all night than kill bosses and I don't know anyone who wants to play their character worse. That being said, we should be able to correct issues and have a great time.



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